Sunday, 3 June 2012


Well well well ... good evening folks.  How we doing?  Good I hope!  Long time no chat hey ... Must be at least 5 - 6 weeks.  Soooooo, what's been happening?

Ruby turned 1 - to which we celebrated with a few close family & friends - fab time had by all!  The highlight was her cake - check this out!  A big thanks again to our pal Helen at Aardvark Cakes - it was superb!

So what else have we been up to?  The usual play centres, parks, pals houses etc ... in fact we go somewhere or do something every day ..... The new one at the moment from Sally is her shouting at the top of her voice "Mummy is that a man or a lady?" - funny right, but rather embarrasing when she is shouting it at the top of her voice from the back seat of the car, to the dude behind the counter/window at the McDonalds drive thru!

The countdown is still on and is becoming more and more real ........ only 13 more sleeps until our holidays now!  Whoohoooo, but my god so much to do .... the usual wash, iron, pack and sort the kids comes into play - as well as me having the pleasure of "trying on my summer gear" ... don't you just HATE that task!  I do, as nothing ever looks / feels right .... best get my ass into gear really!  Oh I also need to lose that stone or 2 that keeps hovering about!?

Anyway, let me tell you about the MADDEST thing I've heard in a while ..... long story short I was telling a couple of mum's the other day that I'd done a load of washing and I'd accidently washed a pull up at the same time .... As you can imagine what a bloody mess.  My friend then told me that she'd heard of somebody who washes baby wipes and reuses them!  I kid you not this is the truth - as the lady who does this came forward on twitter and admitted to it ............. I'm speechless to say the least and surely there's no wipe left once it's been washed!?

On a more serious note, Parents 2 Bee are doing really well with the sales of our natural products at Harefield Water Gardens ...... We are thrilled and as a thank you we took Sandra (the owner) a lovely house plant.  Only when I'd reflected on my day that night, I did wonder 'is taking a plant to the lady who owns a garden centre a wierd thing to do???!'  .... I guess it's like taking sand to the dessert really!  Anyway moving on .......................

The sun has been here!  At last and how fabulous!  The sun makes eveything feel / seem sooooo much better.  I really do hope this is the start of our summer - as the rain is just yack.  However, today was particularly miserable with us having RAIN all day - but hopefully tomoz is gonna be a scorcher ..... it best had be, as we have a little 'shin dig' planned to celebrate the Jubilee - in a nutshell, booze & BBQ on the front with some neighbours  - beltin!  Sally is so excited as she just LOVES playing out with all the kids in our road.

Talking of Sally let me give you an insight into some of her latest questions ............  Brace yourselves!

  • What flavour are mints?
  • Does Winnie the pooh have any brothers or sisters?
  • How did you get Ruby out of your tummy?  And did she bang her head?
  • Do walkers crisps walk?
The list goes on - these are just some of my favourites!  I'm sure you all have some questions like this from your little people - please feel free to share them with us.

In the meantime, get your teeth, fingers, eyes and toes crossed that we get some good weather and keep your eyes peeled for Parents 2 Bee, as the time of year is here where we'll be at lots of school gala's and local craft events.

Enjoy the loooooooong bank holiday ............. be rude not to really!  

Until next time :))

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