Sunday, 15 April 2012

"Thank You Shop Keeper" .......

Well hello and welcome back!  So much has been happening I have only just found time to type!  I guess you are wondering about the title of "Thank you shop keeper" aren't you?  Well let me tell you this is what Sally now thinks I am - I think she honestly thinks I am a shop keeper!  If I give her a drink she says "Thank you shop keeper" - in fact whatever I give her she says it!  How very bizarre!

So you'll recall from last time that when we signed off we were just off to make our Easter Bonnet .... In summary, it was OK .... not brilliant & not dreadful .... Probably used too much glue - but Sally didn't get high from it, so all in all I guess it went OK!

Easter was fun & action packed with friends & family ...... Highlight for the kids was receiving an abundance of chocolate.  Highlight for us proud parents was that Sally gave her dummies to the 'pesky Easter bunny' ..... Something we dreaded - but a week in and we are doing GREAT!  The first few nights she cried for them, now she's forgotten all about them - Horaaay!  I tried to relate to it in terms of giving up smoking ... as for those who have smoked will know that giving up is HARD .... I stopped 4 years ago - only cos I was prego!  Never gone back to it though!  I've often thought about it though ... in fact I craved it dreadfully when I had given birth to Ruby - Bizarre!

The absolute NIGHTMARE of the Easter Hols was that Sally got her head caught in the railings of a wrought iron gate!  We can laugh now, but my god it was HIDEOUS at the time!  She was playing in her pal Alfie's garden and they were pretending to be cats!  As Alfie's cat walked through the bars of the gate and they thought they'd try it too!  Alfie got through and Sally got stuck!  Thankfully Mark found some inner strength, turned himself into David Bannerman (aka Incredible Hulk) and pulled the bars apart and her head popped out!  I can safely say that this has been my biggest parental nightmare to date .... Anybody willing to share one of theirs?

Anyway ................ As we mooch into Spring and the weather is now getting colder!  We are starting on 'house hold projects' ... The key ones are:
  • decluttering (Everything and Anything!)
  • sorting garden, and
  • Making sure that Mr Heron doesn't return to our pond EVER!
Our pond is now 6 years old and for some reason 'Mr Heron' has decided he rather quite likes coming to pay us a visit.  Thankfully Mark has now changed is tactic from shouting "FFS Heron just F**k off" to "Get out of it!" ... How much is that 'Dad language'!   Only today we spied him twice - so the mission of the week is to 'get rid' .... Please send all suggestions on a Post Card!  I'll keep you posted!

Parents 2 Bee are now entering into their 5th month of life - impressed?  I am - as let me tell you juggling 2 small kids, sorting general day to day house stuff & having some form of grown up life is a MAJOR achievement!  Thanks to all who are recommending us - it really is very much appreciated.   It seems to date that the most popular items are:

                           Newborn Hamper

              Natural Products 'Mummy Gift Pack'

Keep up with the good work of spreading the word folks and remember to tell people about our website too

Can't believe I have got this far and haven't told you that Ruby is now crawling!  Horaaay and brill - but my god I am demented!  I spend my day saying "NO" to nearly everything Sally does, whilst watching Ruby and dragging her our from under the table, off the dog bowl, out of the cupboard!  It really is madness!  I've often thought about recording a "day in my life" so I can watch it back and see  what actually goes on, as everything seems to bloody well merge into one!

Before I sign off can I just bore you with how happy our house is that Liverpool have got through to the FA Cup final - it's just the best!  Hopefully Mark will get a ticket from somewhere and go - I hope he does as he's never been to one before.  Anybody else out there cheering for the reds? (Liverpool that is!)  If not, please think of us on the 5th May and cheer us on ... No doubt "chav cafe" will have the flags flying!

Finally for all those who are about to welcome a new arrival in the next few weeks or so - good luck!  Cherish EVERYTHING about it - even the pain!  We're 3 weeks away from celebrating our youngest daughters 1st birthday - I just don't know where that year has gone - I honestly don't.  I guess now is the time to reflect upon the last few weeks of my pregnancy with her and her arrival into our world - makes me smile thinking about it & gives me lots of happy tears...............  Until next time folks :))

Ps.  Thank you for reading shop keepers!

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