Wednesday, 21 December 2011

4 sleeps to go ..........

We are now in the middle of "Christmas week" and what fun we are having!  Sally aged 2.5 is getting more and more excited by the day & asks as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning "can I open my calendar now?" ... So by 7am each day we have already eaten some chocolate!  On the plus side we have also done some counting - as she can only have her chocolate if we count to the right date number!

The remainder of the week has been consumed with completing the postal orders for parents 2 bee - which might I say has been great fun & exciting knowing that there will be some very pleased people out there when they get their new goodies.  Spread the word!

We have attended the obligatory "soft play" area ...... believe it or not - it wasn't too bad.  The highlight for me was when Sally said to me after an hour of being there ... "Mummy I've already had a brilliant day" ................. of course I cried!

We've caught up with pals, wrapped pressies (to send to father Christmas of course!) and had the daily battle of Sally being too heavy handed with her sister Ruby (7.5 months). Ruby however, has come into her own and now spends all day driving her walker into the Christmas tree!

How much more fun is there to have you ask?  Tomorrow is the BIG fun day ......... Christmas food shop!  Dreading it already!!  Got to be done though and I have already made a mental note to 'buy only for this christmas' - not the next one as well!  Once that is done we are then at 3 sleeps to go ....

3 sleeps to go:
- get food
- put food away
- write another list of things I forgot

2 sleeps to go:
- get forgotten food
- put forgotten food away
- have a Christmas tipple (as feeling smug that all shopping is done)

1 sleep to go:
- wish I'd stopped at 1 Christmas tipple
- family outing to get the Turkey
- get very excited with Sally & Ruby
- eat rubbish whenever we like (it's Christmas after all)
- make sure father Christmas displays the presents in a Monica kind of way!
- go to bed feeling blessed to have 2 special little girls who have been spoilt rotten!

So there we have it ..... "bring it on" is what I say ..... having kids makes Christmas FABULOUS!

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