Monday, 5 December 2011

Well We Did It!

Well we did it - we have finally launched our website!!

After hours and hours of hard work we are now out there - out there in cyber space!  We launched the site on Saturday 3rd December 2011 - a week later than planned, but all good things have technical hitches right?

The technical hitch in this instance being 2 poorly children.  Sally has had the delightful winter vomiting bug - which we are thrilled to say has now left the building.  Whilst poor Rubes has had one thing after the other - we are now on week 3 of Rubes not being herself - however, today seems to be the "turning point" day - she's getting better - horaaaay!

So 2 days in to Parents 2 Bee and I am hearing lots of nice, positive comments - keep them coming folks.  Obviously, all nice, not so positive comments are welcome too - as we need to hear this stuff from time to time, in order for us to constantly improve!

We hope you enjoy the website and we look forward to bringing you lots of new items / products as we grow and develop in 2012.

For now, we will enjoy the hustle and bustle of the "Christmas build up" - We'll ponder how to get a further 24 hours out of each day, in order to ensure the food shopping, christmas card writing, present wrapping and christmas party duties are fulfilled in time for the 25th!  Let the challenge begin ..............

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