Thursday, 29 December 2011

In between Christmas & New Year ........

Christmas is now over and done with - can you believe it?  All that hard work, planning, wrapping and eating is done with for another year!  Christmas in our house was rather special this year - it was the 1st year that Sally "got it" .... She left her mince pie, carrot and san miguel (had to tell her Father Christmas wasn't a fan of fruit shoots!) out ........ and in return Father Christmas worked his magic and our house is now Toys R Us!

She loved it, we loved it and my mum & dad loved it ..... What a great day we had.  Ruby on the other hand just remained her very laid back self and took everything in ...... Sally so excited that she could open Ruby's presents as well!

Boxing Day we laughed at Mark's hangover, played games - you know the really noisy ones that you really don't want to play with a hangover, then got ready to go and do it all again at Mark's sisters.  What a laugh we had with the christmas game - doggie doo!  In a nutshell the aim of the game is to have 3 dog poo's on your scoop!!!  Yes you read it right the first time ................ It was hilarious and somewhat different to the games we played when I was younger .... i.e Blockbusters, Guess Who and cards!

We are now "In between Christmas & New Year" ............... Is it me or do you hear yourself saying to people "Yeah we'll catch up in between christmas and New Year" ... Crikey there's only a few days - not weeks you know!   To date though we have managed to achieve the following:
  • Food shop for NYE :- family doo in ours - looking forward to it and I have requested my niece brings doggie doo!
  • Hours of fun playing games and talking in silly voices (pretending to be Peppa Pig!)
  • Sally had her pal Orla over for tea - both of whom are wild and very funny.  The best bit was that Orla brought her baby sister Lucy too!  Lucy is nearly 3 weeks and will be the perfect play mate for Rubes - we like!
  • Attended yet another indoor play area!  Went with some of the girls from "mummy club" (established in 2009 when Sally was a baby) - had a laugh and came home with Sally in one piece - always a bonus!
That gets me to thinking of some of the classic / odd / bizarre little things  that Sally has done over the last few days - let me share a couple of them with you:
  1. Dipped a segment of her tangerine into some ketchup and ate it ...............
  2. When waiting for the energy efficient light bulb to come on she said "bloody light!" ... I think she might have got that from me!
The list goes on - however I liked these the best. 

Soooooooo, that takes us to 3 more sleep until 2012!  Can you believe that - 2012!  I remember leaving 1999 and entering into year 2000 so clearly ..... So what has happened in the last 12 years:
  • Bought a flat / sold a flat
  • Bought a house - still here now
  • Had a successful Training career and travelled the globe for 10 years - sadly got made redundant in 2010
  • Gained my CIPD qualification
  • Met Mark ....... Its coming up to 10 years now (I think?!) ... That has just flown by!  What fun we've had / are having ... he's such a great person - love him!
  • Made some new friends on life's little journey
  • Had some superb holidays: Florida, Devon, Cornwall, Spain, Scotland, Jersey - only 6 months until Portugal!
  • Had a lot of laughs
  • Consumed a few wines!
  • Have become a mummy (THE BEST FEELING EVER) to 2 little girls and a dog (Harry the chocolate lab!)
  • Have said goodbye to my CD collection and hello to iTunes
  • Have entered into the world of gadget / online madness .......... Did I tell you about my website - check it out and tell your friends ... Let us be the first to make you a card with "Born in 2012" written on it.
Have yourselves a very happy new year - enjoy whatever celebrations you have planned and I hope you are as excited as me to be getting your house back to normal soon ............I mean I like the tree and everything - but it's nice when it's "back to normal!" .... Until next time.

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