Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines!

"Abracadabra!" "Izzy wizzy lets get bizzy!" ... no matter how many magic spells I attempt to cast the ironing still stays there!  Cor don't you just HATE ironing!  It's one of those thankless tasks in life - a little like changing the toilet roll, emptying the bin - It's a chore!

Okay my number 1 pet hate this week is 'people parking in parent / child spaces who don't have kids in their car' ..... this drives me crazy!!  I feel like yelling out of the window "Oi where's your kids?" .. But I don't .... I just drive very slowly and stare at them!  Does this drive anybody else crazy? 

It dawned on me over the last few days that looking after 2 children on a daily basis, makes looking after 1 child seem like a piece of cake (and I thought that was hard at times!) ... Good grief, talk about challenging ... Sally is like an Olympic athlete and runs everywhere at 100mph - this includes everywhere in the house as well!  Whilst Rubes is now just over 9 months and wants to stand ALL day long ... she'll be walking before we know it - I can just tell.  We're in trouble then aren't we??!  I keep thinking about them both walking and think "OMG how an earth will I control you both!" ... All fun & games right?  Or in the words of Miranda (my favourite comedian EVER) - such fun!!

An example of this weeks battles have been:
  • Shoes on / shoes off
  • clothes on / clothes off
  • brushing teeth
  • brushing hair (Sally HATES this) - she often looks like Wurzel Gummidge!
  • Car seat
  • Drying hair
  • Eating food

The list goes on ................ It's just a 'phase' apparently!  Bloody 'phase' what a stupid word!

We're still addicted to OBEM and have now got into 'Protecting our children' - my goodness me - it plays on my mind so much it's untrue.  It makes me LOVE mine even more - something I didn't think was possible.

Thinking about Mothers Day at the moment and gifts that us at Parents 2 Bee can offer - here's a little taster of some beautiful gifts for all those mummies out there:

I love Mummy photo frame - £6.99

Complete 'mummy gift pack' - natural products - £19.50

Both items can be bought online at www.parents2bee.com - there are lots of other items to look at too!  That reminds me all the natural product samples have been sent out now, so remember to check out our facebook page to read customer comments / reviews - so far so good - we like!!
Sally has continues to constantly strip off and just mooches about the house in over sized shoes and underwear ... how funny.  Something happened the other day and I said "oh what a rubbish mummy I am" She said "yes you are"  "You need a new head, new eyes, new nose and new tummy!" - I howled!  Not as much as I laughed when she said to me and her daddy the other night "Bye Bye people!" - How funny is that at all!

HUGE faux pas this week - I went to an indoor play area and had a hole in my sock - the SHAME!  I instantly tried to scooch my sock around once I'd spotted it and immediately put the socks in the bin when I got home - as I could just imagine people saying "look how scummy she is over there" .. As I know I'd have said it!

Feeling very thrilled at the thought that Ruby is just over 9 months, so under normal circumstances - i..e if I had a job, I would be coming to the end of my mat leave now.  I can honestly say I am delighted that I am indeed a stay at home mum - which allows me to enjoy her more and more .... lovely.

Date night this Saturday with other half - what an earth will we talk about?!  I am sure we'll be just fine - I just keep thinking how nice it will be to eat a meal a) that is hot for the duration, b) is served to me and c) doesn't have the waft of baby sick looming over it!

Happy Valentines folks - Hope you have fun celebrating!

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