Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kids 'v' OCD .............

This week I have mostly been buying 'plastic storage tubs' .... for all those toys that just keep getting lashed all over the house!  My goodness me .... Kids 'v' OCD .... I honestly don't think I need to go there!!  It simply puts me over the edge!  Least when the toys are in a plastic box it's not as messy!

Sally excelled at swimming this week - really loved it, jumped in off the float and generally liked it a whole load more than last week.  So from now on we say "bring it on to swimming" .... in fact I'm really looking forward to taking her again this week.

We've briefly touched on OCD right?  Can I ask you 'has your car turned into a skip since having kids?' .... I have cr*p EVERYWHERE!!  So this week I thought 'enough is enough' and even the inside of the car has a bloody plastic storage box in it now - 2 in fact!  One for each of the them!  I was amazed at a) how instantly tidy it now looks and b) how much cr*p there actually was!

A friend of mine renamed toddlers to oddlers a few months back - how apt hey!  Don't toddlers, aka oddlers do the most bizarre things?  Sally has become obsessed with mooching around the house in knicks, vest & wellies!  A bit young for the Glasto look you maybe thinking ....however, it keeps her happy - so that's a BIG thumbs up in my book.

She has also taken to saying "that's a nice car mummy" to every car we drive past!  She really is hilarious!  I feel like I've gone deaf when she starts nursery in September.  Yikes!

The big wait is over now and I am DELIGHTED to show off my natural products for Parents 2 Bee ... Here is a clip of the Mummy and Baby Gift packs ... They are on sale at www.parents2bee.com and I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

Mummy Gift Pack

Baby Gift Pack

All natural products can be bought in ones as well - in fact you can buy as many or as little as you like! 

You know you hear old wives tales all the time?  Well a couple of weeks ago somebody told me that if you rub Vick's onto your child's feet, then they wont cough at night.  Yeah right hey?  Anyway, I tried it and let me tell you IT WORKED!!! I have no idea how it worked - but it did.  Sally had been coughing dreadfully all day - for a few days in fact - so I put the Vick's on and not one cough all night!  Has anybody else tried this?  If not, do it!

Ruby has now come into her own and is sleeping for 12 hours a night!  Whooohooooo - we have finally turned the corner!  Wish the same could be said for Sally though .. To be fair she does sleep for 12 hours - however, tends to wake a couple of times in the night for NOTHING!  Admittedly it has got better - she woke alot more when Rubes first arrived - so we are now showing her the 'gro clock' .. in summary, kip when the stars are on - wake when the sun comes up .... SIMPLES hey!  Will somebody please come and tell Sally that the idea is not for Mummy to come and watch the sunrise with her!!

Sunrises hey ... One of my favourite things, that along with sunsets & waterfalls.  How peaceful.  Ahhhh reminds me of the year out I had mooching about Australia & South East Asia in 98/99.  The only places I mooch about these days are in washing machines, play groups, play centres and nappies!  All good though.  I'm defo going to encourage my kids to explore the world - A like Dora the Explorer!

Time is ticking and I really need to do 'stuff' ... nothing precise or mission critical - just stuff that somehow seems to consume my whole day.

Arctic blast is on the way - so crank your heating up, get your supplies in and lets hope there is enough snow to have a bit of fun with our wee ones ...........That's all folks!

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