Monday, 27 February 2012

What happened to February 2012?

You might well ask yourself the same question right?  Where the hell has February gone to?  It's as if somebody has flicked a switch, fast forwarded 3.5 weeks and here we are about to enter March 2012 - I just can't believe it.

So what's been happening?  On the home front, all is well - the girls are thriving, if somewhat challenging as well .... Sally's latest is to 'wallop' Rubes has hard as she can!  You might well laugh, but my goodness me, poor Rubes is getting plotched left, right and centre.  Hence, they can not be left out of my sight for a second these days - I even have to drag Sally to the toilet with me!  Anybody else in this boat?  I keep telling Sally that Ruby will get her own back one day!

I also think we are in the midst of the 'terrible 2's' - if we aint, well god help my patience (what's left of it!) if it hasn't arrived yet!  Here is a snap shot of my daily vocab:
  • Don't do that
  • Get off there
  • Leave her alone
  • Stop it
  • I am warning you
  • Right behave
  • Why have you done that
  • Say sorry
  • That is not acceptable behaviour
You get the idea?  The most frustrating part is the fact that you have to say these things at least 50 times or more .... That is not an exaggeration!

The funniest part of it is Sally now says "Mummy is this acceptable behaviour?" .... I had to go out of the room to LOL before I answered her!

Only today at the weekly 'mummy club' meet up did we all say how our 'beautiful precious babies' have turned into 'monsters!' .... we laughed about it though and for anyone wondering about 'Sambuca Liz' - she said she is running low on supplies and reckons there's only a few swings left!

A few swigs hey - wish that is all I'd had the other week at one of the neighbours parties .... A 1st birthday party might I add.  It was one of those parties where the host & hostess are 'top admin dudes' - by that I mean 'your glass isn't empty before it's topped up again' ............ Great afternoon had by all - so much so Sally & Rubes practically put themselves to bed when we got home!

We are currently revving up for Mothers Day at Parents 2 Bee ..... seems the Natural products are proving to be a BIG hit and the feedback I am getting is really positive - so if you haven't spoilt your mummy yet, why not buy her a little moisturiser, body scrub or facial wash, as part of her gift.

 Mummy Body Scrub - £5.75              Mummy Papaya Facial Wash - £6.50                                            

Mummy Moisturiser - £5.25

As always this is just a snap shot of some of the great gift ideas we have.  Check out our website for all the latest & greatest

HUGE disaster of the moment is my car - In a nutshell it's 'very poorly'.  Long story short it has been at the garage since Wed and I am still to hear when it is back.  The downside was I didn't have a loan car until Friday night, so that meant I was house bound with the sprats for 3 full days!!  Arrrrgggggh! .. we survived though.

The upside however, is that on Friday night the garage very kindly came up with a loan car for me.  Here's how the conversation went:

Garage to Me: "Hi Kate, just pop down when you can, we've put a nice 4 door family car to one side for you - it'll be perfect for you"

Me to Garage: "Brilliant - I'll get there as soon as my mum & dad get here, as they are looking after the kids"

Everything seems straight forward right?  I then get to the garage:

Garage to Me:  That's yours over there - is that OK?

Me to Garage:  "Errrrrr yes that's fine .... For those who know me well - you will understand when I said it was fine - I was lying!!"  I am now driving around in what can only be described as a 'pizza delivery car' ..... admittedly it gets me from A to B and I am no longer house bound - but on a serious note it is hideousness on wheels ............................

Fingers crossed my car will be back with me ASAP!

Holiday countdown is on - 2 weeks until Anglesey - can't wait!  Trying to get as many holidays in as we can before we are tied to school holidays - boo hoo or what!  It's just so expensive.  I am sure there are alot of you out there who are tied to them already ...... Do / Would you take your kids out of school to go on a cheaper holiday?   I would - whether I'd get them out is another thing though, as I believe it's becoming impossible to do.

My Uni pal finally had her baby - a baby girl, Claudia Rose, she weighed 10lb 8oz and I am dying to hear if she had her naturally or not.  When I found out the news I crossed my legs immediately and pulled aN 'ouch' face.

Tablet Pete (aka my Dad) is back on his travels in Tenerife this time ......... Seems he is doing really well with his 'tablet' and has connected to a local wifi - we've already received 2 emails this week (they only went on Saturday!)

Anyway, suppose I best mooch now as 'stuff' to do - isn't there just always 'stuff' to do!  I wonder what it would be like if there was never anything to do ............... hmmmmm one can wonder - that's all folks!

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