Monday, 12 March 2012


For those who have travelled to Wales, you will know that 'Araf' means 'slow' and is written on the floor of roads as you approach every bend going.  Still to this day though I feel the urge to shout out 'Araf' when I see it on the floor ..... must be some form of tourettes - I do hope not!

Anyway, hello from Anglesey!  Yes here we are on day 3 of our week away.  So far so good - the house is mega, the weather is great and it's a new adventure for everyone!  Sally is LOVING it and her new word of the moment is 'orchard' .... "Mummy shall we go to the orchard?" ...."Mummy I've been to the orchard with daddy" .... So funny to listen to her and most importantly watch her mooching about the orchard in her knickers & wellies - you didn't think coming away would change her fashion sense did you??!

The build up to coming away was immense - wash, iron, pack .....wash, iron, pack .... for what seemed like days!  So much so that I may start packing for our next jolly in June when we get home!  We also had a little trip to the drs for both girls: tonsillitis for Sally & a viral infection for Rubes.  For those of you with young kids, does it not just drive you insane when the GP says 'viral infection' - honestly it drives me nuts.  Thankfully though they are alot better now and seem thrilled to be on holiday with mummy, daddy and Harry the dog!  Harry who actually turned 6 yesterday!

If you've been reading previous posts you will probably know by now that I'm quite into music - always have been to be honest.  Yesterday I heard a song I haven't heard in years "Mary's Prayer by Danny Wilson" - guilty pleasure or what - love it!  Go and you tube it now - you know you want to!  I've also heard a couple of Michael Jackson songs recently too and just can't believe that he is actually dead.  He was such a HUGE icon when I was growing up - such a shame and what big news that was.

Talking of BIG news, Parents 2 Bee are thrilled to tell you that our 'Natural Products' are now on sale at Harefield Water Gardens - the finest 'Water Gardening Specialists' in the North West - as well as being the home to 'Experience Alpaca' - - check out their sites & take a visit to see their fabulous range of 'luxury hand knitted alpaca accessories' - they really are sensational and our Parents 2 Bee 'natural products' compliment them perfectly.

So as we zoom into March I can honestly say that I am now feeling somewhat excited at the prospect of lighter nights, spring / summer and of course being outside alot more.  Only yesterday I saw a little old lady walking along the roadside picking some daffodils - it made me smile and think 'how nice - what a lovely thing to do'.  We are very much an 'outdoors' family - in fact before we had kids, our pals would always come over for dinner and bring their coats / fleeces as they knew we'd end up outside by the pond with the fire on!  The outdoor life is something I definitely want for Sally & Rubes, as I grew up on a farm and loved it!  How many of you guys like the outdoor life?

Did I tell you that we are horse racing fans?  Well we are ..... So with Cheltenham starting tomorrow for 4 days we're thrilled!  So please feel free to send me your top tips!  Who know's if we play our cards right we could be millionaires this time next week?!

Moving on to more important things who do we think killed Frank in corrie??  At first I thought it was his mum (still not sure to be honest) ... now I think it's that Jenny or Michelle .... Sad I know and I should get out more, but with 2 kids under 3 nights out are very few & far between these days.

On that note I will leave you with a couple of bizarre facts that I have stumbled across recently:
  • 'stewardess' is the longest word that can be typed with only the left hand
  • 40% of McDonald's profits come from the sales of Happy Meals
  • A crocodile cannot stick it's tongue out
  • A horse can sleep standing up

Please feel free to share your 'bizarre facts' too!  That's all folks - have a great week!

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