Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dear NEXT ......

Please could you show 'real' sized woman in your catalogue - especially in the swimwear section!  Yes the time is here and I am now picking swimwear for holidays.  11 weeks on Saturday until we go to sunny Portugal - so as I type I am now on day 7 of being "good" .... not doing great, as so far have had several huge ice creams in the park with the kids & I'd swallowed a whole piece of toast with butter at a toddler group, then remembered I'm being "good"!  Oh and we had a curry last night!! Hopefully next week will be better - as after all anything goes at the weekend right?

Funniest thing I've heard in a while was last week - when Sally was looking at the fish tank and said "mummy, why isn't that fish drinking his water up, why mummy?" ..... I thought it was hilarious!  Not quite as funny as when I caught her sticking a bread stick into Ruby's ear as a substitute cotton bud!   Other classic questions this week have been:

  • What makes us shattered mummy?
  • What makes us hungry mummy?
  • How do planes stop?
I constantly find myself talking rubbish as I attempt to answer!!  I am sure it makes some sense though!!

I am sure you'll all agree that the change in weather is just superb!  What a HUGE difference it makes being able to be outside all the time - loving it.  I like it when you spend more of your day outside, than inside ..... Even better that the clocks have changed this weekend too - horaaaay!!

We had our first 'Sunny BBQ' of the year today and what a nice time was had by all.  Rubes hung out in her high chair squealing with delight at anything & everything, whilst Sally trolled around in her usual knickers & crocs watering the plants ................. you gotta love it!

Yesterday saw the grand opening of 'chav cafe' - in a nutshell - me and a few neighbours sit out front with the kids, some wine and our deck chairs!  It's been going  for a few years now - we know that it's so god damn chavvy to sit out front, so that's why we named it 'chav cafe' .... let me tell you though, we've had many a good conversation out there!  Some that aren't for repeating either!  What have you guys done to celebrate the arrival of the sunshine this weekend?

Parents 2 Bee continues to generate lots of questions from new mums & I am gaining new followers every day - so don't forget to think of us when your picking gifts for mums & dads 2 bee .... Everybody loves something unique!

So what does the week ahead have in store for us?
  • fun in the sun
  • ice creams (kids only!)
  • questions galore from soon to be 3 year old
  • parks, playgrounds and more
The BIG event of the week is the Easter Bonnet parade on Tuesday at toddlers!  We have our equipment to make it - so just need to make it now ................... I'm feeling that this is somewhat of a HUGE parental task - so best get crackin'.

Enjoy the sunshine and be safe ............ cheerio!

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