Monday, 9 January 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .................. Happy New Year!!

And what a great start Parents 2 Bee are having to 2012 .... We now have 3 major businesses within St.Helens who are willing to advertise our services for free .... what's there not to like about that?! ... Er nothing.

We are also weeks away from launching our very own "natural" products for mummy & baby - so keep your eyes peeled for the launch and don't forget to tell your pals ... Might even be a nice gift for any of your work friends who are just about to go on mat leave?

Talking of mat leave, I had my first stinit of mat leave in 2009 when I had Sally - It was GREAT!  I had the whole summer off, met lots of new people and generally had a really good time.  Only this morning I met up with some of the "mummy club" gang and we got to talking about "how hard it was in the beginning" ... I even confessed to having to ask my sister in law how to make a bottle! 

However, I must share this ... for those of you with young kids, you'll know that between 5pm - 6pm is hell on earth!  The kids are as narky as anything and you just want that extra hour out of them .... I guess people have their own way of getting through this ... I personally just used to do anything to occupy Sally ..... My pal Liz reminded me today how she used to have a shot of Sambuca!  She claims it made the hour less painful and bath time whizzed by!  Of course we howled .... Does anybody else do a shot of Sambuca to get through the last hour??

I guess we're all tuned into 'one born every minute' at the moment .... I just LOVE this programme.  It makes me laugh / cringe and cry .... It brings back all those memories of the 'dreaded labour' and reminds me how amazing it is when you see your baby for the first time.  I had Sally at 37 weeks and remember being so proud / thrilled / elated it was untrue!  Mark and I just sat there sobbing - it was fantastic!  I often think back about the night she arrived and laugh that Mark appeared in the delivery suite with his little rucsac of 'labour swag' wearing a WHITE top ... Just made me laugh.

Rubes also arrived early - 38 weeks for her.  Again we felt like we'd won the lottery when we saw her ... Just perfect.  This time it was different though - as we had the task of introducing her to Sally.  Gosh this was hard .... I remember seeing Mark and Sally walking down the ward to visit Rubes and I and I just burst into tears - uncontrollable tears.  Sally looked so grown up - where had my baby gone?  She was 22 months, but looked HUGE and Rubes looked like a 10p mix she was so small.   The tears soon subsided once I'd grabbed Sally and cuddled her so tightly - I'm sure she stopped breathing for a second!  Anyone else expecting baby number 2 at the moment?  If so good luck and hope everything goes to plan.  Thought of a name yet?

We are now 9 days into the New Year and it is already flying by ..... So I guess people are thinking about holidays, things to do throughout the year.  As per we are on top form with this one.  The 4 of us are going to Portugal in June for 2 weeks .... best get packing for it soon, we'll need that much stuff with a 1 year old & 3 year old!  Then later on in the year we are thinking maybe a trip to Centre Parcs, then away for New Year with our pals and their 2 kids - same age as ours - it's bound to be relaxing!!!

Before we think about next Christmas let me tell you what we have left from last christmas .........
  • 6 petits pains .... cos we're always eating them (not!)
  • Cheese & crackers (not even opened)
  • Long tubes of smarties - not christmas if you don't get a long tube of sweets
  • Peanuts & Crisps
So with all that in the house how am I supposed to lose a few pounds (better to be realistic) before holidays ............ The only answer is elastoplast ... I need to get a BIG piece and put it over my mouth to stop me eating it all!

Took Sally & Rubes to the Safari Park last Saturday ............. the highlight was a mouldy older cheddar Sally found in the car and a pheasent crossing the road!  Hopefully next time the HUGE ferocious lion and his pal the tiger will make a good impact.

Breaking news in our house is that Ruby has a tooth!  Whohoooooo ..... she's thrilled!  Her face seems to have changed since it's arrived .... not as much as my face has changed when I went to get my passport photo's done on Friday - OMG!  I honestly could not believe how different I looked from my previous paasport photo - admittidley it was 10 years ago ..... but good grief I was shocked!  These kids certainly know how to age you!  Best not for anybody to agree on this one hey!

Must dash as I can hear my name being shouted "Muuuuuummmmmy!" .... looks like the afternoon naps are done - let the afternoon fun & games begin!

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