Sunday, 22 January 2012

What flavour are your ......

...... knickers?! 

Yes this is the question that Sally asked her child minder this week!!  When Sandra told me I absolutely ROARED with laughter ... how funny is that at all!

2 more classic comments from Sally over the last couple of days have been:
  • Why are our heads on our necks?
  • Its on that website over there mum!
Talk about hilarious - we constantly howl at her - love it.  I wish I was 2 and a half again!

So what's been happening?  The usual: play groups, soft play centres, meeting with friends and their kids - which is always great - but my god doesn't your house get trashed!!  Prior to kids I was somewhat of a Monica tidy freak - however, I must admit that this is slowly going, as I find myself tripping over constant c*ap!  And saying 'don't worry about it'.

For those local to St.Helens you'll know what I mean when I say "Sally has now met Jonny Wellies!" .... we saw him the other day in town - my hasn't he aged!!  He still said hello though (like he knows who we are!)

The highlight of the week so far has been seeing my completed 'natural' products for mummy & baby - they look brilliant - even if I do say so myself!  They will be on the web page @ by the end of the week ... I can't wait for you all to see them.

I'm thrilled that I have already had a lot of interest and will be sending 10 lots of samples out this week - remember to check the Parents 2 Bee facebook page to read my customers reviews / feedback .... Exciting!  In fact whilst your there you can just 'tick' the 'like' button if you haven't done already.

As you know I am a full time mum now and I have told Sally we can do whatever she wants / any day of the week .... I didn't however realise that she was so desperate to go swimming - she asks can we go all the time ... Soooooooooooooo, brace yourselves - we're going!  Yep this Thursday (that'll be 5 sleeps away) Sally & I are going to Puddle Ducks at 10am!  So my question to you is "is it realistic to think I can lose 2 stone in 5 days?" ......... Answers on a postcard perleeeeeease!

Coupled with the thought of going swimming - is the outfit you need to wear to go swimming!  Urgh!  Sally obviously looks cute & ace in her Peppa Pig costume .. I however, will put my costume on ... leg it to the pool, do a bomb into the water & will hopefully not get noticed!!  .... What a visual!" .....I'll fill you in next time as to what happens at the dreaded baths!

Being a mum of 2 I find it fascinating to watch my girls grow ... It's a kind of happy / sad thing ..... Your happy they are growing up - but sad that the are - does that make sense??  Like those of you with kids, I am certain you can recall everything that happened in your labour ....I can!!  And if your like me you love a good old birth story!  Which reminds me at http://www.parents2bee.copm/ we do a fabulous 'labour survival kit' & beautiful new born hampers ... check them out when you get chance.

Seems this blog is proving to be a hit - I am getting loads of good feedback ... You wont believe how many people asked me about Liz & if it was true - you know my friend who used to have a shot of sambuca at bath time?  Well from now on she's going to be known as "Sambuca Liz".  She turned 40 a couple of weeks ago and what a great time we had celebrating.

If like me you are in your 30's ... do I say mid to late - then you'll have heard of 'tablets' and 'skins'.  Words that when I was growing up where associated with Ecstasy tablets and skins for rolling a joint ... God knows what they are known as these days.

Anyway, it seems that those 2 words are back in play.  Only yesterday Mark went "tablet shopping" with my dad and upon departure said "I'll order you a skin from amazon" .... So for those in the know - my dad now has a tablet - you know the iPad type tablet.  Brilliant you may all say - but let me tell you a little bit about my dad and modern technology!!  Like me, he loves gadgets - we always seem to end with the latest gizmo's ... however, he isn't that patient when it comes to sussing them out ... Classic example was when he joined facebook a few years ago - he status read "Mr Webster is in a open relationship!" .. I instantly phoned him - mum answered (so no open relationship there) and told him what he'd done .... His next status update read - are you ready for this?  "Mr Webster is not in an open relationship, it was a scrolling error!" ............ oh how we've laughed over that.

Nearly as much as when Mark phoned my mum & dad's house at 5am to tell them that Ruby had been born.  My dad answered the phone and repeated their phone number!  Do people still do this or is it only my Dad??  ..... We've laughed alot about that too!! 

Before signing off I'd like to know:
  1. Do all kids at MacDonalds eat all their chips first? Or is it just Sally! I personally prefer to mix & match!
  2. Why do strangers think it's totally acceptable to talk to your children and tell you how nice they are?

    and finally,
  3. Is it possible to lose 2 stone in 5 sleeps???!
On that note I better place that packet of mini cheddars back into the cupboard and practise the art of breathing in!  Oh my ........... Laters!

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