Sunday, 15 January 2012

When do you stop saying Happy New Year?

A question I have often wondered about for quite a while now .... "When do you stop saying Happy New Year?" ... I quite like the 'buzz feeling' of a new year starting - however, I must admit I do get quite bored with saying it to everyone!  So here we are in mid Jan - how did that happen?

So much has happened already .... Obviously we have continued to attend our soft play centres & toddler groups - which I must admit I am getting quite into them now.  In the beginning it was hard, as I was so used to working full time - but since being made redundant in 2010 - my life is now following a very different path and I like it - in fact I  LOVE it!  To be honest I don't have time to work anymore!  In fact I'm glad I don't as I'd be missing out on conversations like this:

Sally to Me ... "Mummy I don't want to be a toddler anymore"
Me to Sally - "Why not Sal?  What do you want to be?"
Sally to Me - "I want to be a strawberry"

You can't argue with that can you!?  So much better than a work conversation e.g "must be done by Q3 - we'll have budget in 2012 - It's mission critical" ..... blah, blah, blah .... I bet these dudes don't even know who Mr Tumble is - or what time Cbeebies starts & that if you are bored of it you can always flick to Milkshake, as Peppa is on a 06:45 week days! 

06:45 hey .... We've already been up a good hour by then.  Mark is up and out by 6am and the girls start waking around 5.30am onwards ... sometimes Sally will go to 7am - but believe me this is RARE!  To be honest it's fine by me - as we are all happy & healthy - which to me is priceless.

I'm having problems with my car at the moment - so whilst in the garage the other day I managed to successfully bore the mechanic about "Parents 2 Bee" .... Don't collapse, but he was 'interested' - for the sole reason that he is also in the "kid zone".  Something you will only understand once it happens to you.  However, for those currently in the zone, tell people about the fantastic gift hampers on offer at "Parents 2 Bee" - as now you understand that receiving a fantastic gift hamper - is rather more appealing than receiving a bottle of bubbly, that a) will taste fab - but b) will make your next day with the kids feel like hell on earth!

2012 for me is going to be a year of making new contacts, working on my business and doing something different, that is just for me - that means no kids & no Mark - just me.  So I am thrilled to say that I have attended my 2nd WI Meeting!! ........... I can hear the bouts of laughter from here! ..... I bet you are all thinking "Jam and Jerusalem, knitting & old farts who do embroidery .... well you are on the right tracks!!!

Seriously now that is the impression everybody has of the WI - but remember we are in 2012 now - times / things have changed and some ladies just want a social outlet once a month.  I am joining merely because I want some adult conversation - as with me not working that is the one thing I miss the most.  I am also joining so I can network, learn new skills and hang out with like minded people.  If you live in St.Helens, Merseyside and like the sound of it - check out WISH (WI St.Helens / Stand by your Jam!) .... It's on facebook - So give it a go - 'don't knock it til you've tried it!'

Over the past couple of weeks it has been brought to my attention that I have actually interacted with alot of 'Nice folk' - these range from owners of local business, to a group of ladies in a play centre who told me they are there every Friday if I want to go along.  Isn't that a nice thing to do!  I am going to take them up on their offer and will try and go every other Friday, as one of the "mummy club" mum's has told me about a swimming session that we can go to - this is also on a Friday.  Given the fact that Sally will love swimming - we're going ... However, it is necessary to consider that 'baby weight' isn't the easiest thing to shift ... so one thinks it's only fair that ones body (in swimsuit ... ooooh!) is only exposed every other week ....

I must share with you the Best Joke I've heard in ages:
"I put some shelves up the other day and they weren't straight so everything rolled off. My chap told me to go to the library and get a book on DIY. I went in and asked the librarian "Do you have any books on shelves?" She replied, "Are you takin the piss?"

Hopefully it made you smile - made me roar!

If there was an 'outstanding achievement' award to be won in our house, I think I would be the winner!  Sole reason being that I have in fact managed to keep a Christmas Poinsettia (had to google the spelling of that!) plant alive for more than 6 weeks now!!!  Believe me this is OUTSTANDING!  They usually last a couple of days .. must be the mild weather hey.

Yes sunshine and blue sky in January - LOVE IT.  We even played out on Friday ... It was great as Sally pedalled her little bike on her own for the first time - how fab!  For those with kids I believe the best thing you can do for kids is create good memories.  Happy kids = happy parents and vice versa.

My final thought at the moment is "what is worse .... getting a new passport photo after 10 years and comparing it with the old one?"  Or is it "Going to M&S for a bra measurement when you haven't been in years?"

I'll leave that thought with you .......... As I'm still very much in shock over both of these events!!

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