Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bailey's or Wine?

This is the question I am asking myself as I sit here tapping away .... I've gone for Baileys (more bloody left over chrimbo swag!)

Anyway, hello, hope you've had a good week and welcome back!  For those who are reading for the first time - glad you found us!

I am sure you are all dying to know how swimming went aren't you??  So here goes - Swimming ................ the truth!
  • Didn't lose 2 stone in time
  • Didn't dive bomb into the pool
  • Didn't look remotely glam in costume (they make you look a size zero under water though - so that was fine!)
  • Did however enjoy QUALITY time with Sally - which was the main purpose of going, as she wanted to go and she also wanted to do something just me and her.
All in all it went OK - I feel Sally likes the idea of it more than the reality of it ... She clung onto me for dear life for the majority of the half hour, screamed to get out and go for a "wee wee" about 80 times & at the end told me she quite liked it!  Go figure ...........

Anyway, we've joined.  We are now officially on the puddle ducks programme for a further 8 weeks - so hopefully by then she'll be into it!  I'm determined to persevere as I think swimming is important.  Let me tell you though getting dry after swimming is still stupid .... a) you never seem to get properly dry, b) your feet, even though wiped loads, are always wet when you put them into your socks and c) trying to get yourself and a toddler dry at the same time isn't that funny!  The main thing though is we SURVIVED!

Sally's BIG repetitive question this week is "Mummy I might have another sister might en I?"  I quickly follow this up with "Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  Nooooooooooooooo!!"

Believe me I am only (only just that is!) cut out to have 2 kids - I have great admiration for those with more than 2 and even greater admiration for those with kids who work part/full time as well .... How an earth do you do it??!  I grumble to myself on a daily basis about "not done this" .. "need to do that" .... "must sort that" ... etc. and I'm at stay at home mum!  Well I'm a stay at home mum who goes out and about all the time .... Summary of this weeks events are:
  • Indoor play centres x 3
  • Lunch with pal x 1
  • Morning coffee with pal x 1
  • Tea for Sally and her pal x 2
  • Parks x 1
  • Swimming x 1
  • Tidy of toy room x 5 million
  • Tesco shop x 1
  • Toddler group x 1
  • Tantrums x lost count!
  • Wine x can't remember!
At times its really hard and frustrating - mainly because of Sally and Ruby's ages (2, 9mth) - but once I've sat quietly and reflected on my day, I tell myself how lucky I am to be such a HUGE part of my kids life at this very point in time - as they are only this age once.  Crikey before I know it we'll be in hormone melt down & there'll be tears over boys!  Good grief!

Are many of you stay at home mums?  If so, what's your biggest challenge?  For those working as well - what's your biggest challenge?
One of my pet hates at the moment is the amount of people who think Ruby is a boy!  I just don't get it .... she is nearly always in dresses & tights and has a really girly face.  Even Sally has started saying back to them "It's a girl ... that's baby Ruby you know" .... I on the other hand can't be assed correcting them and just say "yes he's gorgeous - thank you".
A bit of a giddy countdown going on at the moment ... a few weeks til a mini break in Anglesey - I say mini break, it's actually a full week in a rather nice cottage by the beach - perfect for Harry. 

Have I told you about Harry?  Harry is the family pet.  He is our soon to be 6 year old chocolate lab - we ADORE him.  Even in the rain (when he comes in and stomps about with his big wet feet!).  For those with dogs you'll know where I'm coming from .... we've had him since a puppy and he's soooooo lovely - brilliant with the kids.  In fact, he sleeps on the landing in between their bedrooms - he's fab!

The plus side about going to Anglesey is that we won't have to get our "summer clothes" out ... yehaaaa to hats, scarfs, water proofs & big walks ..... really looking forward to it!  The summer clothing dilema kicks in in another couple of months time ... will worry about that then.

You remember me telling you about my dad and his tablet?  Well get this ... he's excelled.  Mum and Dad are currently on a cruise.  To date he has found wifi in Tenerife somewhere and has written a very funny message on my fb wall and today he text me to tell me he has found wifi in Maderia!  Brilliant or what!

Parents 2 Bee - has gone from strength to strength this week with marketing / advertising / making connections ... I'm pleased - really pleased in fact.  The natural product samples will be going out this week - so don't forget to check my Parents 2 Bee fb page for customer reviews.

Bailey's finished ...... just pouring another - ahhhhh.

Had a really goof "catch up" phone call with one of my pals from Uni this week ... In summary she has just started Mat leave and her first question was "Kate does labour REALLY hurt? ... Is it like it is on one born every minute?"  Diplomatic (as I can be sometimes you know!) .. I said "it's amazing" ... "It's a good pain" .... I'm even laughing at my response!  I didn't like to say "hurts like hell and getting run over is rather more appealing!"  No doubt she'll be reading this soon - hopefully after she's delivered!

Cor what did we think to One born every minute this week?  I thought it was bloody brilliant!!  I cried and cried and cried - what a brilliant real life situation - I've told myself to think about the disabled lady next time I have a moan .... we're lucky guys! 

In fact I've cried twice this week ............ I'm ashamed to tell you what made me cry the 2nd time ... I'll say it quickly "Becky leaving Corrie" ... there I've said it.  How sad am I - what made me cry the most was when she said bye to Roy and Hayley ... I honestly need to have a word with myself!  I bet some of you cried as well - go on admit it you did!

Bored of Baileys now .... moving onto wine - ahhhh.

Think I may have a scan through some tunes before going to bed.  I asked a question on my Parents 2 Bee facebook page this week about "what songs are your guilty pleasures?"  I have so many it's not funny and of course I think I sound like them when I sing them - don't you?

Songs I've heard this week - which aren't guilty pleasures - but are songs I've not heard in ages & I love them are:
  • Killing me softly - Fugees
  • Living Years - Mike and the Mechanics
  • There is a light that never goes out - Morrissey
Anyway, best mooch - wine to drink - have a good week folks.

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  1. OMG! To think you kept all that in your head before you had this blog ;-)

    My comments - yep 3 is bloody hard if nigh on impossible and therefore why I'm constantly haggard at our weekly meets (nice to see I featured!)

    You cried at corrie?!?

    One Born Every Minute? Still not quite got over it.

    Watch out! Swimming becomes addictive - before you know it you'll be spending 3 hours at a pool on a Sunday like us!

    See you in the week